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Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Education

World-class facilities, top-rated professors, cutting-edge research

At the WSU Chemistry Department, we strive for student excellence. You can expect lower student-to-faculty ratios than most state universities, a friendly and constructive atmosphere, with a supportive team of faculty and staff to help you master the field of chemistry.

At WSU, you can enjoy a rigorous education situated in a breathtaking environment with river rafting, hiking, snow sports and other outdoor activities close to home.

We offer various options for the Undergraduate degree-seeker:

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WSU Chemistry Instructional Labs

The WSU Chemistry Department also provides an excellent laboratory supplement to the lecture educational material. Laboratories are designed to drive students to develop and apply critical analysis to both theoretical and real-world problems. At WSU, we believe that education is more than memorizing problems, it is about discovering new ways to look at information and taking that into your career. If you are a WSU Chemistry Major, you can expect that this applied education will persist through your general chemistry classes as well as organic, inorganic, analytical and physical chemistry.

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Contact Information

  • Nikki Clark – Academic Coordinator
    • Office: (509) 335-1516
    • E-mail:
  • Jeremy Lessmann, Academic Advisor
    • Office: (509) 335-2098
    • E-mail:
  • Greg Crouch, Associate Chair
    • Office: (509) 335-8388
    • E-mail: