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Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Education

B.A in Chemistry, Standard Option

The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry is designed to provide a more flexible pathway with options for broad electives, secondary areas of specialization, and where appropriate, dual majors.  For example, more individualized paths for a B.A. degree might involve selecting appropriate electives so as to be competitive in the biotechnology sector of Washington State, pursuing a marketing career with a pharmaceutical company, or working in the field of science journalism.  The flexibility within the B.A. curriculum would allow for a variety of dual degree options as well as focused chemistry pathways.

Who might Consider a B.A.?

  • Chemistry and science education students    Students wishing to teach K-12 sciences
  • Dual Degree or Second Major  Students who desire an additional degree or who want to double major in Chemistry but desire the flexibility to complete all degrees in a faster timeframe.
  • Community college student  Students completing a science associates degree and intending on transferring to a 4-year school and who have a graduation timeframe which might preclude the B.S. degree
  • Lab technicians    Students wishing to work within the biotech sector and environmental science
  • Field scientists    Students wishing to work in the broad area of agricultural science including soil science, plant pathology, food science, or viticulture and enology.
  • Graduate Studies  Students wishing to pursue graduate study from a more multi-disciplinary perspective than afforded with B.S. in Chemistry
  • Pre-Health Students    Students who intend to go on to a Health Professional program like Pharmacy school and might consider a General Studies-Basic Medical Sciences Degree, but who desire a degree that has more potential career options as a Plan-B                                  


DRAFT of Possible Four-year plan.

 Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry   Standard Option (120 Hours)

First Year

First Term                                                                              Hours

CHEM 105 [PSCI]                                                                          4

MATH 106  or elective                                                                  3

ENGLISH 101 [WRTG]                                                                    3

Creative & Professional Arts [ARTS]                                               3

Humanities [HUM]                                                                         3 (16)

Second Term                                                                         Hours

CHEM 106                                                                                     4

MATH 108    or Elective                                                                 2

BIOL 107 [BSCI]                                                                              4

HISTORY 105 [ROOT]                                                                     3

Social Science [SSCI]                                                                      3 (16)


Second Year

First Term                                                                              Hours

CHEM 220                                                                                     2

CHEM 222                                                                                      2

MATH 140 [QUANT]  or MATH 171 [QUANT]                                   4

PHYSICS 101                                                                                  4

Diversity [DIVR]                                                                             3 (15)

Second Term                                                                         Hours

CHEM 301                                                                                   3

BIOLOGY 106                                                                              4

PHYSICS 102                                                                               4

Elective1, 3, 4                                                                                 3 (14)

Complete Writing Portfolio


Third Year

 First Term                                                                              Hours

CHEM 345                                                                                     4

CHEM 338                                                                                     3

CHEM 398                                                                                     1

STAT 212                                                                                      4

Elective1, 3, 4                                                                                 2 (14)

Second Term                                                                         Hours

CHEM 348                                                                                    4

CHEM 370                                                                                     3

Writing or Communications [WRTG] or [COMM]1,3                          3

Creative & Professional Arts [ARTS], Humanities [HUM]

or Social Sciences [SSCI]                                                                 3

Elective1, 3, 4                                                                                  2 (15)


Fourth Year                                                                          

First Term                                                                              Hours

Advanced Chemistry Elective 1,2                                                   3

Elective or Foreign Language1, 3, 4                                                 12 (15)

Second Term                                                                         Hours

CHEM 485 [M, CAPS]                                                                  3

Advanced Chemistry Elective2                                                     3

Elective or Foreign Language1, 3, 4                                               9 (15)

Exit Interview (Milestone)



  1. One course must meet the Writing in the Major requirement [M].
  2. Advanced Chemistry Electives Include Chem 347, 425, 426, 490, 499 (maximum 2 credits), CHEM 5XX, or STAT 412. Other electives may be used with permission. The requirement is for at least 2 courses and 5 credits.
  3. The Foreign Language requirement is that of the College of Arts and Sciences, and may be met by 2 years of a foreign language in high school. Students are encouraged to pursue a minor while fulfilling the elective requirement.

4. At least 13 credits in addition to those specified must be at the 300 or 400 level, for a total of at least 40 upper division credits.  This can be from an elective, or could be from a course taken to meet a UCORE requirement, such as ENGLISH 402 that is both a [WRTG] course and an [M] course.