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Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Education

Prospective undergraduates should confirm the transfer equivalencies for their courses at their present school with the information at the Washington State University Transfer Information site. In addition to to all Washington State colleges, information is also listed for many schools in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California and other western states where past students have transferred from.

Students are responsible for making sure the University’s Registrars office has their most current transcript.

Please remember that 1 semester at WSU is often NOT equal to 1 term or quarter at most schools in WA. In most cases credit for a full years course sequence at WSU (2 semesters) is given only for 3 terms (quarters) at the transferring institution.

Note For Organic Chemistry: The Department of Chemistry rarely grants credit for less than 1 full year of organic chemistry transferred in from other schools. The design and sequencing of organic chemistry at WSU is different than that from most other schools, and we have found students who attempt to take our second semester organic course after having 1 semester equivalent at an outside institution struggle greatly. We advise incoming students to either take the full sequence at WSU or take a full year at their current institution.

Prospective transfer students please check with the undergraduate advisor for more information.

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